Wisconsin Storytime

Wisconsin Storytime was a weekly collaboration project that we put together in 2014. We learned so much about Wisconsin’s history while doing research for our 365 Towns / 365 Logos project, that we thought it would be fun to do a project based on our state’s wide-reaching history. We were lucky to have a ton of great Wisconsin talent help us out with the project. Each week a different Wisconsin designer presented their visual take on an important and unique story from our state’s amazing past. 52 weeks. 52 stories. 52 designers.

List of contributing artists

Prairie du Chien #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Violent Femmes #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Joshua Glover #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Nelson Dewey #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Charles de Langlade #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Snowmobile #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
The Day The Music Died #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Teddy Roosevelt Shot #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Birthplace of the Republican Party #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Peshtigo Fire #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Governor Dodge #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Black Hawk War #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Robert La Follette #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com
Fur Trade #ProjectWI www.projectwisconsin.com