365 Towns / 365 Logos

365 Towns / 365 Logos was our first Wisconsin-based project. We started the daily art adventure in 2012 as a creative exercise. The goal was to challenge ourselves by trying to brand a different Wisconsin town every day for a year. 365 days, 365 towns, 365 logos (except it was a leap year so there are 366…shh).

We started by compiling a spreadsheet of over 1,200 Wisconsin towns and chose ones at random to illustrate, while trying to not spend more than an hour on each. The town names started to jump out at us for different reasons—some were based on history, some pop culture references, and others just funny.

We had so much fun with the project and it received such a positive reception online. It won Judge’s Choice Award at the local and district ADDYs and was published in multiple books and newspapers. We decided that we needed to celebrate this great state of ours a bit more, so Project Wisconsin was born.

List view of towns