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The late 1800s gave birth to three of the most famous people to ever come from Wisconsin—artist Georgia O’Keeffe, author Laura Ingalls Wilder, and the most influential architect in American history, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wright was born in Richland Center in 1867. He attended high school in Madison, and studied civil engineering briefly at the UW, before moving to Chicago in 1887. It was there that he got his start and really began to develop his style—horizontal planes, natural stone, low-pitched rooflines, and open floorplans.

Wright returned to Wisconsin in 1911, and built Taliesin in Spring Green. It served as his home, studio, and architectural school. It was also the site of a horrific fire and seven person axe murder in 1914. After Taliesin was rebuilt (twice), Wright would go on to leave his very distinctive mark all across Wisconsin. You can’t stray too far in Madison without seeing his works or his influences. He’s recognized by many as the greatest American architect of all-time.


Timothy J. Reynolds – Milwaukee, WI

“I chose FLW’s ‘Wingspread’ home near Racine, WI because it’s one of the only structures of his that I haven’t toured yet since moving here four years ago. Being a former architecture student, I’ve always loved his work and now it’s nice to live near so many of his designs. I’ll definitely be taking a trip down to see this one very soon.”

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