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Charles de Langlade #ProjectWI


George Washington may be the”Father of our Country,” but do you know who the “Father of Wisconsin” is? It’s only fitting that the man recognized as the “Father of Wisconsin,” was born the son of a fur trader and an Ottawa woman.

Our state’s “Father,” Charles de Langlade, was born in 1729 at Fort Michilimackinac, New France to Augustin Langlade, a French-Canadian fur trader, and Domitilde, a sister of the Ottawa war chief Nissowaquet, and daughter of another Ottawa chief. As a child, Langlade identified with his mother’s culture more and grew up with Ottawa as his first language. He was also taught French by Jesuit missionaries at the fort. At the age of 16, along with his father, he established an important trading post at present-day Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Langlade went on to become a major force to be reckoned with in the Great Lakes region. During the French and Indian War, he led many Ottawa and French raids against the British. After the French were defeated in North America, Langlade became allied with the British, who had taken control of the French fur trade. During the American Revolutionary War, he led Great Lakes Indians for the British against rebel colonists and their Indian allies. After the war, Charles de Langlade retired to his home and trading post in present-day Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he began being referred to as the “Father of Wisconsin.”


Kristen Brenner – Madison, WI

“Being a fur trader and war chief, Charles Michel de Langlade was one pretty cool, eclectic Ouisconsin dude. I chose to depict a handful of Langlade-related things such as an old map from back in the day, a painting of one of his battles, and a modernized version of his letter seal featuring a crown, lions, and a starry sky.”

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  1. I am a decendant through my great grandmother Odele brunette she married my moms grandfather Louis Dionne in duck creek Wisconsin . Louis is a defendant of Antoine Dionne so I feel this was a marriage of two very prominent families in northAmerican history. I have a question about my family tree it states that a Louise o na we po was a Mohawk women of general Charles Cornwallis’s decent and that she married my fith great grandfather. My question is how was she a descendent (loose) of Cornwallis’s when history states he had no children was she a bastard child ? If someone could explain this I would appreciate it , sincerely the son of Donna Dionne Zdanowicz.

  2. I am the Gr…Gr…Gr…Grandson of Charles Langlade, I would like to know the name of the battle and where I could get a print of such a painting. I’ve been all over Ontario, Michigan and Wisconson looking at items that belonged to my familys background, even a print of your version of his seal would be great. Any info would be greatly recieved. Thank you

    1. Wow, that’s super cool. I personally don’t have prints for this, but here’s the email of Kristen Brenner who created it… kristen.b.designs (at) She might be able to help you out.

    2. Who are you!!! you need to back your story and prove it to me!!!!!!!!! you say your the Gr…Gr…Gr… grandson of Charles de Langlade then why haven’t I ever heard of you before your history is so well put together!!! I am wondering how you can possibly even fit in our bloodline its just not adding up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. This is for Sara:
        Doesn’t add up , lets start adding……Charles Micheal Langlade…..marrys a Ottawa woman……has a son Charles……he marrys Angelique…..has a son Charles also……..marrys Ahquahdah…….has a son Didlier…..he marrys Loise Cadieux……has my Gr.Grandmother ..Philomene…….she has a son my Grandfather….Walter……he has a son my Dad…Melvin……in turn has me. Remember Charles marrys Bourassa but only has girls. Most of the Langlade names and bloodlines are in Canada and we consider ourselfs as Metis. Enough proof if not get my e-mail off of this site and drop me a line. Question are you related? I have met some relations in Michigan from the Grignon side and Bourassa side, been to Wisconson too. Brief history…….Langlades lived in Mackinaw …..Drummond Is before the USA kicked them to Penetanguishene Ontario and from there we moved up north close to the US border. In Canada we a recognized as Aboriginals just like First Nations.So drop me a line. Thanks

        1. I think my wife is also related to you. Her family is Grignon and I have traced her family back Charles De Langlade. Please shoot me a email so I can tell you more.

          1. Hi there. I have also traced my ancestry to Charles De Langlade. He is my 6th great grand father. Apparently, there are a lot of cousins on this thread. Drop me a line and lets share some histories. Charles.

  3. According to my dad. His father’s real last name is de Langlade, but was adopted by the nelson family. My dad also said that he’s related to Charles de Langlade. So I guess we are cousin, to some degree.

    1. Don’t ask me how, but, according to an aunt, Eleanor Johnson-Hanold, PhD, who did the family geneology, we’re related to Charles de Langlade, as well. I’m not here to claim relation, but in case you haven’t read the book, Bravest of the Brave, by Pubilius Lawson, here is a link to the archived book (free to read in its’ entirety).

  4. I am also related to the Langlade family. My grandmother was a Langlade, her father was Francois, then Charles, Louis, Charles III, Charles II, Charles I. It is a family with quite a history. Some of the family is buried in St. Annes Graveyard in Penetanguishene. The original name of the family was Mouet, from France.

  5. My ancestory also traces to Charles Delanglaide. Have any of you done the DNA test and had Native American show up or is that line too far back to show up?

    1. My mother did a test and a small percentage of indian dna shows up. Charles is her 5th great grandfather, through the Grignon line. She also has Carron and Maccabee which are Indian also. We did it through and match as cousins to someone with the common ancestor Louise Domitelle DeLanglade, Charles daughter that married JB Grignon. I can share what that DNA link shows.

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