In 2012, Josh Cox and Doua Vue started Project Wisconsin. What began as a personal art exercise has turned into a full blown love affair with our state. We’ve learned that there’s more to Wisconsin than just our cheese and beer…even though they are two of our favorite things. Our state is filled with history, charm, statues and quirks…and we love every bit of it.

365 Towns/365 Logos
In 2012, we wanted to do a daily art project, with the goal of exploring our roots and creative sides. We finally decided on branding a different Wisconsin town every day for the entire year. 365 days. 365 towns. 365 logos.

Wisconsin Storytime
Wisconsin Storytime is a weekly collaboration project for 2014, based around Wisconsin’s amazing history. Each week a different Wisconsin designer will help tell a different story from our state’s past. 52 weeks. 52 stories. 52 Wisconsin designers.